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Accurail Products


Nickel Plate 50' Plug Door Insulated Riveted Side Steel Boxcar. Item #51061. MSRP $16.98.

40' Double Sheath Wood Box Car

Nickel Plate 40' Double Sheath Wood Box Car. Item #46141. $15.98. Scheduled for production in July & August. http://www.accurail.com. Ray Breyer notes that modelers should paint the roof and ends black.

Accurail Hopper

HO NKP 7700 Series Offset-Side Twin Hopper. Road number 33206. Retail $13.98. Currently in stock. http://www.accurail.com/accurail/7700.htm (scroll down on page for #7716)

Accurail Twin Hopper

Accurail NKP 55-Ton Wood Side Twin Hoppers. 3-number set.
Website: http://www.accurail.com/accurail/2700.htm

Accurail NKP 40' Outside Braced Boxcars. 4500 (formerly 4400 series) Series. Built in 1944. Retail $13.98. Available now.

Website: http://www.accurail.com/accurail/4500.htm

Accurail 41 foot, steel gondola, black with white lettering as NKP #345602, 345653, 345698.
Comes in 3-pack, item #37284 @ $39.98 or single car item #3728 @ $13.98.

Website: http://www.accurail.com/accurail/3700.htm

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American Model Builders

N-scale NKP 1000 series caboose

American Model Builders N-scale NKP 1000 series caboose. Kit #551. MSRP $31.95.

http://www.laserkit.com/laserkit.htm (click on N Scale in left hand column, then Cabooses).

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American Z Line

Z Scale NKP Caboose

American Z Line Z-scale NKP C-30-5 Bay Window Caboose, numbers 431 & 454. AZL # 92012-01 and 92012-01. $64.00. http://www.azldirect.com/azl-caboose/92012-01 and http://www.azldirect.com/azl-caboose/92012-02

Z Scale NKP Mikado

American Z Line Z-scale NKP Light Mikado, numbers #601 and #610. $219.00. http://www.ztrack.com/offers/nkp/

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RTR 40' 3-Bay Offset Hopper w/Load: HO Scale NKP #80377 [ATH72512]. Retail Price: $27.98; 4-Pack #1 [ATH72513] Retail Price: $99.98; 4-pack #2 [ATH72514] Retail Price: $99.98. http://www.athearn.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=ATH72512. N Scale NKP #80377 [ATH6570]. Retail Price: $19.98; 4-Pack #1 [ATH6571] Retail Price: $74.98; 4-Pack #2 [ATH6572] Retail Price: $74.98. http://www.athearn.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=ATH6570. Links to the 4-packs are on the single car pages. All Due Late August, 2015.

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Atlas Products

2-Bay Offset Side Hopper

New Atlas HO Trainman® 2-Bay Offset Side Hopper (Round End). RTR. Single Cars - Road numbers 33145 (Item No. 20003156) & 33227 (Item No. 20003157). 3-pack - Road Numbers 33104, 33178, 33261 (Item No. 20003158). Standard MSRP: $21.95. No price shown on 3-Pack. Estimated Delivery: 2nd Quarter 2015. http://www.atlastrainman.com/HOFreight/tmho2bay.htm.

Bay Window Caboose

Atlas O Trainman NKP Bay Window Caboose #423. Item 2001729 - 3 Rail MSRP $59.95. Item 2001779 - 2 Rail MSRP $64.95. Delivery 4th Quarter 2014.

Atlas HO

Atlas HO "New" W&LE GP40 Low Nose Locomotive. Atlas Master Series Silver - (Without Decoder and Sound - DCC Ready); MSRP $149.95. Atlas Master Series Gold - (With Sound and DCC Decoder); MSRP $259.95. Road Numbers 301, 304, & 305. Order deadline March 19. Estimated Delivery: 4th Quarter 2014. http://www.atlasrr.com/HOLoco/hogp3840a.htm.

Atlas O 40' USRA W&LE Composite Gondola

Atlas O 40' USRA W&LE Composite Gondola. 3-Rail MSRP: $59.95; 2-Rail MSRP: $64.95. Estimated Delivery: 2nd Quarter 2014. Regardless of the artwork shown, Atlas will be producing the car in black with white lettering. http://www.atlaso.com/o40gondola4.htm.

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From the 2014 NMRA New Product Announcement

NKP #765

2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive & Tender, NKP #765 - Railfan Version. HO Scale Item No. 52401; $329.00. N Scale Item No. 50952 w/Mars Light, Item No. 50951 without Mars Light; $329.00. Shipping 2014.

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Bowser Manufacturing

Offset Triple Hopper

Nickel Plate Road 70T Offset Triple Hopper. Blt 12-47. 56898 Road #78010, 56899 Road #78207, 56900 Road #78277 $14.95 each. In stock now.

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Branchline Trains

HO Nickel Plate Trackside Shed Pack

HO Nickel Plate Trackside Shed Pack. Small sheds like these could be found alongside railroad rights-of-way, either alone or in groups. These kits are based on Nickel Plate Road designs but are typical of designs used throughout the country. Kit includes parts for four complete buildings: Tool/Handcar Shed, Telegraph Office (also perfect for a Yard Office), Crossing Shanty, Telephone Booth. Item #671. MSRP: $37.98. Dimensions - 4" x 4" x 4". http://www.branchline-trains.com/laserart_structures/trackside/buildings_ho.html.

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Broadway Limited

Heavy Mikado

From the 2014 Product Guide. NKP HO USRA Heavy Mikado. Paragon2 Sound/DC/DCC. Item 2892 NKP #685, Item #2893 NKP #687, MSRP $349.99. Expected Delivery: Nov-14.


2-8-0 Consolidation

From the 2014 Product Guide. NKP HO 2-8-0 Consolidation. Paragon2 Sound/DC/DCC. Item #2794 NKP #455; Item #2795 NKP #458, MSRP $449.99. Expected Delivery: Sep-14.


NS GE ES44AC NKP Heritage

From the 2014 Product Guide. HO NS GE ES44AC NKP Heritage. Paragon2 Sound/DC/DCC. Item #2813, MSRP $329.99. Expected Delivery: Mar 2015

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Buffalo Creek Graphics

Be sure to visit their web site at http://www.trainresource.com.

Detroit & Toledo Shore Line ARA 40' Boxcars

D&TS Boxcar

Buffalo Creek Graphics is pleased to announce the release of a special custom run of Detroit & Toledo Shore Line 40' ARA boxcars. Sure to be of interest to both Nickel Plate and Grand Trunk Western fans, these Crown/Weaver O-scale cars have boxcar red car bodies, with prototypically accurate lettering and herald in white, and are available in three road numbers. This unique offering is limited to an edition of only 33-sets (100-cars), and may be ordered as a 3-car set or individually. The price is US $132.00 per set of three, or US $46.00 per car (road numbers our choice). We'll equip your cars with die-cast, sprung trucks for a small additional charge (see below). Shipping & handling is $10.00 per order to addresses east of the Mississippi, $12.00 west of the Mississippi. Canadian customers, please contact us for shipping information.

Click here for an order form (will open in a new window). Orders will be accepted in order of receipt. Please remit full payment including appropriate S&H with your order.

Your order is subject to acceptance and we reserve the right to reject any order.

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NKP HO Branchline Commuter-Suburban Heavyweight Cars

Con-Cor has announced new NKP HO Branchline Commuter-Suburban Heavyweight Cars due to arrive November-December 2011. They report wire grab irons; separately applied underbody details; RP-25 contour metal wheelsets; and illuminated, detailed interiors. Minimum radius is 18". $69.98 each (solarium, $77.98). Ready-to-run. Website: http://www.con-cor.com/New-HO-1920-1950-Passenger-Cars-2011.html. You will see the Nickel Plate cars mentioned about a third of the way down the page. Artwork for the Nickel Plate cars is not yet finished.

Also found on the Con-Cor site:

Con-Cor Passenger                Con-Cor Passenger

"N" Smoothside Nickel Plate Road (Blue & Silver) Passenger. RPO and Baggage Car (Pullman Green). Seven individual cars or 5-car set available. http://www.con-cor.com/N4000page6.html

"HO" 72-ft. Smoothside Nickel Plate Road (Blue & Silver) Passenger. RPO and Baggage (Pullman Green). Seven cars available. http://www.con-cor.com/HO72page6.html

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Deluxe Innovations

Vintage by Deluxe(TM) NKP N-scale 2-Bay Covered Hopper. Price TBA. ETA TBA. Also available in two and three packs. Advanced Reservation. No photo available. Shown on Walthers website here.

NKP N-scale 1944 40' AAR Boxcar. Price TBA. ETA TBA. Also available in two and three packs. Advanced Reservation. Shown on Walthers website here.

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Digital Fox

Nickel Plate 40' Wood Stock Cars

Nickel Plate 40' Wood Stock Cars. Custom decorated HO scale Accurail® freight car kits. 3 road numbers - 41102, 41176, 41183. Built 1922 - Shop Date: 1948. Available now $16.99 ea. Single car and multi-pack options. http://www.digitalfox.com/digitalfox/nkp.htm

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InterMountain Railway Company/Red Caboose

USRA Composite Drop Bottom Gondolas IRC W&LE HO and N USRA Composite Drop Bottom Gondolas, 6 Road Numbers, MSRP HO List: $32.95; N List: $24.95, Reservations Due By: November 30 Available: May/June. http://www.intermountain-railway.com/modelersclub/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/USRAgondolas1.jpg

NKP HO AAR Alternate Standard 2-bay Hopper IRC NKP HO AAR Alternate Standard 2-bay Hopper, Road Numbers 33375, 33418, 33502, 33694, 33746, 33821, MSRP $39.95, Reservations Due by May 31, Available Nov/Dec. http://www.ircmodelersclub.com/reservationflyers/RF0414HO2BayHoppersw.jpg

Nickel Plate Road Heritage ES44AC Locomotive #8100 HO Norfolk Southern Nickel Plate Road Heritage ES44AC Locomotive #8100. Second Release. List $189.00, $289.95 with sound. Reservations due by February 28. Available May. http://www.ircmodelersclub.com/hoscale.htm

AAR Alternate Standard 2-Bay Hopper HO NKP AAR Alternate Standard 2-Bay Hopper Ex-W&LE. List $39.95. Reservations due by February 28. Available August/September.

50' AAR Standard Double Door Boxcar N Scale NKP 50' AAR Standard Double Door Boxcar. MSRP $22.95. 6 Road Numbers. ETA Oct/Nov. Reservations due by April 30.

P&WV 1958 Cu. Ft. 2-Bay Hopper HO P&WV 1958 Cu. Ft. 2-Bay Hopper. MSRP $37.95. 6 Road Numbers. Due Sep/Oct. Use these on your W&LE layout.

IRC War Emergency Boxcar HO & N Scale NKP WWII War Emergency Boxcars. HO List: $29.95; N List: $21.95. 6 road numbers. Reservations Due By: April 30 Available: Oct./Nov. Item #: HO - 46073; N - 66073.
Website: http://intermountain-railway.com/.

IRC Fish Belly Side Sill Flat Car HO NKP 42' Fish Belly Side Sill Flat Car. List: $28.95. 6 road numbers. Reservations Due By: April 30 Available: Oct./Nov. Item #RR32313.
Website: http://intermountain-railway.com/.

N-Scale NKP Centralia Car Shops Corrugated Coach. $39.95. Expected: TBA. No photo available. Shown on Walthers website here.

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Lionel Products

From the 2014 Lionel Signature Catalog


Item 6-11454 Nickel Plate LEGACY Berkshire 2-8-4 Steam Locomotive #765. MSRP $1449.99. Nickel Plate #765 will be decorated to match her most recent excursion appearance and will also include certificate signed by the locomotive crew.


Item 6-81079 Nickel Plate Road 8,000 Gallon Tank Car. Road Number 50277. MSRP $72.99.

From the 2014 American Flyer S Gauge Catalog


Item 6-42550 Nickel Plate NS Heritage LEGACY ES44AC Diesel #8100. MSRP $529.99.


Item 6-42551 Nickel Plate NS Heritage Non-Powered ES44AC Diesel #1881. MSRP $269.99. Road Number 1881.

From the 2014 American Flyer S Gauge Catalog 2015 Preview


6-49633 Nickel Plate Road S Gauge Ready-to-Run Freight Set. Not yet on website.

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1944 AAR design NKP boxcars with 4/4 IDN ends in Proto:48 and O scale Item #PC-3417-O $311.00; Item #PC-3417-P $311.00.

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MTH/Railking Products

NKP 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Engine

New O Gauge NKP 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 (Hi-Rail Wheels). Cab No. 740. Product Number: 20-3566-1. First appeared in: 2015 Catalog Volume 1. M.S.R.P. $1199.95. Shipping Date: MAR. 2015. http://www.mthtrains.com/content/20-3566-1

Berkshire Specialty Passenger Set

New O Gauge NKP Berkshire Specialty Passenger Set w/Proto-Sound 3.0. NKP 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Engine (Cab No. 766), (1) 70' Streamlined Baggage Car, (2) 70' Streamlined Coach Cars, (1) 70' Streamlined Observation Car. Product Number: 20-3569-1. First appeared in: 2015 Catalog Volume 1. M.S.R.P. $1349.95. Shipping Date: MAR. 2015. http://www.mthtrains.com/content/20-3569-1

Berkshire Specialty Freight Set

New O Gauge NKP Berkshire Specialty Freight Set w/Proto-Sound 3.0. 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Engine (Cab No. ), (5) Flat Car w/(2) PUP Trailers, 1 N-6b Caboose. Product Number: 20-3570-1. First appeared in: 2015 Catalog Volume 1. M.S.R.P. $1349.95. Shipping Date: MAR. 2015. http://www.mthtrains.com/content/20-3570-1

NKP Passenger Cars

New O Gauge NKP Passenger Cars. Nickel Plate Road - 2-Car 70' ABS Baggage/Coach Passenger Set (Ribbed Sides) Product No. 20-69259. M.S.R.P. $189.95; Nickel Plate Road - 5-Car 70' ABS Passenger Set (Ribbed Sides). Product No.20-65259. M.S.R.P. $449.95; Nickel Plate Road - 2-Car 70' ABS Slpr/Diner Passenger Set (Ribbed Sides). Product No. 20-66259. M.S.R.P. $189.95; Nickel Plate Road - 70' ABS Full Length Vista Dome Passenger Car (Ribbed Sides). First appeared in: 2015 Catalog Volume 1. Product No. 20-67259 M.S.R.P. $99.95; Nickel Plate Road - 70' ABS RPO Passenger Car (Ribbed Sides). Product No. 20-68259. M.S.R.P. $99.95. http://www.mthtrains.com/content/20-69259, http://www.mthtrains.com/content/20-65259, http://www.mthtrains.com/content/20-66259, http://www.mthtrains.com/content/20-67259, http://www.mthtrains.com/content/20-68259. Shipping Date: JUN. 2015. NOTE: The Nickel Plate did not have a vista dome car.

NKP Flat Car w/(2) PUP Trailers

New O Gauge NKP Flat Car w/(2) PUP Trailers. No. 3339, 3330. Product Number: 20-95123. M.S.R.P. $69.95. First appeared in: 2015 Catalog Volume 1. Shipping Date: FEB. 2015. http://www.mthtrains.com/content/20-95123

Wheeling & Lake Erie SD-45

O Gauge "New" Wheeling & Lake Erie SD-45 Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0. Cab No. 3016. Product Number: 30-20201-1. M.S.R.P. $329.95. Non-powered available. Cab No. 3068. Product Number: 30-20201-3. M.S.R.P. $179.95 Shipping Date: July 2014. http://www.mthtrains.com/content/30-20201-1 and http://www.mthtrains.com/content/30-20201-3

Alco PA Set

Nickel Plate Road HO Alco PA AA Set With Proto-Sound. A Unit No. 180, A Unit No. 186. Product Number: 80-2285-5. M.S.R.P. $569.95. Delivered May 2014. http://www.mthtrains.com/content/80-2285-5

Nickel Plate Road Crane Car

From the MTH 2014 RailKing & Premier O-Gauge Trains Catalog Volume 2. Nickel Plate Road Crane Car. Item 30-79436. $69.95.

Nickel Plate Road Crane Car

From the MTH 2014 RailKing & Premier O-Gauge Trains Catalog Volume 2. Nickel Plate Road Crane Tender. Item 30-79440. $54.95.

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Owl Mountain Models

Pyle Gyralite Tailgate Marker

Owl Mountain Models (owlmtmodels.com) is selling component parts needed to create a Pyle Gyralite Tailgate Marker. The easily assembled kit is designed to fit most HO scale passenger cars. It will function on layouts using either DC or DCC power. The $9.95 kit provides material for two cars. Parts include two tailgates, two Gyralite housings, two red LEDs, and two resistors. Notes on prototypical use and suggestions for adapting the kit to various brands of passenger cars are on the above website. NKP used these on the end car of passenger trains and bay window cabooses. http://owlmtmodels.com/

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Rails Unlimited

NKP 0-6-0

O-scale 1932 NKP/C&O steel 9'4" IH boxcars. This car was seen at the St. Louis RPM Meet in August as "O Scale Models Coming from Rails Unlimited." The car shown to the left was not on the website, however, they do show a model of an ARA 1932 design NKP boxcar, series 13000-13499, so this car may be part of that run. Pricing shown on their 2013 price list is: Flat kit - $80.00, Assembled body - $110.00. http://railsunlimited.ribbonrail.com/Models/40boxcars.htm.

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River Raisin Models

NKP 0-6-0

River Raisin Models is accepting reservations for an NKP S-Scale Brass USRA 0-6-0 steam switcher in DC scale and DC hi-rail brass. Only pre-ordered hi-rail models will be produced. The model will come DCC ready with a 9 pin wiring harness already installed. The model will retail for $1499.00. Reserve your locomotive with a non-refundable deposit of $300 per locomotive. For additional information please write, or call River Raisin at: (248) 366-9621, or email at info@riverraisinmodels.com. A reservation form is available at http://www.riverraisinmodels.com/usra0_6_0.html.

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RMT by AristO®

RMT Boxcar

O/O-27 Scale 3-Rail Semi-Scale 64 Series NKP Boxcar with High Speed Service Stripe. Originally manufactured by K-Line in 1995. Two road numbers. $39.98. Arriving January 12. Notice - the Nickel Plate did not have a boxcar with a High Speed Service stripe. http://readymadetoys.com/cl64secar.html

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Sunset Models


New O Scale 2/3-Rail NKP SD9. $669.95 (Estimated MSRP). Coming Fall 2015, Built to Reservations Only. http://3rdrail.com/reservation.html#SD79

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New Products from Walthers

132' Trailer 2-Pack

New NKP 32' Trailer 2-Pack. RTR. Part Number 949-2361. $21.98. Expected:28-Dec-2014. http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/949-2361. Not NKP Prototype.

1944 40' AAR Boxcar

New NKP HO 40' AAR 1944 Boxcar. RTR. Car numbers 5279 & 5360. RTR. Part Numbers 910-1669 & 910-1670. $24.98. Expected: 28-Apr-2015 (Limited Run - Adv. Res.) Preorder by: 31-Jan-2015. http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/910-1669 and http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/910-1670

GSC Flat Car

NKP HO 53' GSC Flat Car. Car numbers 3039 & 3006. RTR. Part Numbers 910-5107 & 910-5108. $24.98. Expected: 28-Sep-2014 (Limited Run). Preorder by: 30-Sep-2014. Used for Piggyback Service 1955-60s. Carried 32, 35 and 40' Trailers. http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/910-5107 and http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/910-5108

(No image available) Walthers SceneMaster HO NKP 32' Trailer 2-Pack - Assembled. Part #949-2361. $21.98. Expected: 28-Dec-2014 (Limited Run) Preorder by: 30-Sep-2014. http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/949-2361

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Nickel Plate Steam Locomotive Decals in O Scale.

Accurate, complete. Set O-28-SL is for class S through S-4 berkshires. $15.00 each. Set O-29-SL is for class H-5 and H-6 mikes. $16.00 each. Coming in September will be a "small engines" set, which will include switchers, consolidations and the like. That set will be $17.00.. Sets Include class and tractive effort cab decals, lease data, number board lettering. These are very limited runs; do not wait. Shipped in stray-straight envelopes. Shipping is $2.50 for single sets. Shipping included for multiple set orders. Contact David Vaughn at NKP48@AOL.com or by mail at 13732 Lakeside Drive, Clarksville, MD 21029.

NKP Steam Engine Decals For Sale

FOR SALE: Decals! I'm pleased to announce that I now have my NKP Mikado and Berkshire decals BACK IN STOCK! 50 sets of each, so if you want any, now's the time to order!

Two ALL NEW Nickel Plate decal sets in stock NOW:
        --NKP 30000-30749 series 30' composite twin hoppers (two car set, 1918-1930 paint scheme)
        --NKP 99000-99449 series 32' USRA twin hoppers (two car set, 1924-1930 paint scheme)

Still in stock a limited number of the following decals:
        --NKP 10000-10999 series 38' double sheathed boxcars (one car, all paint schemes 1916-1950)

(I also have two NYC sets that may be of interest to pre-Depression era modelers)
        --NYC&HR, NYC and MC 38' double sheathed boxcars and auto boxcars (one or two cars, 1910-1930s paint schemes, lots 201-, 220-, 246- and 286-B)
        --NYC, B&A, Big Four and P&LE 38' double sheathed boxcars (one or two cars, 1912-1930s paint schemes, lots 275-, 287-, 292- and 298-B. Replacement for F&C decal sets on their NYC cars, plus others)

Please see this link for a PDF showing the decals, prototype photos, and ordering information:

Here's what the NKP steam decals look like on a model:

And, see this link for the NYC decals as used on models:
(EXCELLENT modeling by Harold Oakhill)

The NKP boxcar decals can be seen used on models here:
(more excellent modeling by Dave Campbell)

Each decal set is $6, with $1 shipping for any sized order (USA and Canada only!).
Ray Breyer, Elgin, IL, rtbsvrr69@yahoo.com

Microscale Nickel Plate Road Heavyweight & Streamlined Passenger Car Decals

HO Stock# 87-1435, $8.00. N Stock# 60-1435, $6.50. Currently in stock. HO scale website here, N scale website here.

NKP Stock Car Decals

David Vaughn has decals for three types of NKP stock cars - all the series on the roster as of 1958. They are available in O scale but can be printed in HO if there is sufficient interest. You can email David at NKP48@aol.com.

Wheeling & Lake Erie Gondola Decals


Tony Koester forwarded us information on a source for Wheeling & Lake Erie gondola decals. Jerry Glow, who makes custom decals, sent Tony an email mentioning, "I just did artwork for original lettering of one from a very good TIF supplied by a customer. It looks like the Accurail model with different ends (looks like Detail Assoc 6222) and I'm hoping someone would model one mentioning my decals in an article published or online." The sample he sent (above) is numbered 52500 with a 4-21 built date on a 41-ft. car. Contact Jerry at jerryglow@comcast.net.

Great Decals™

Great Decals shows Nickel Plate Road O-scale Aluminum express box cars (black and white - Artwork produced by Leon Lavdas) now back in print, and five O-scale decal projects by David Vaughn/Nickel Plate Models. http://www.greatdecals.com

In addition, Great Decals is now selling After Hours Graphics decals, including Nickel Plate Road lightweight passenger car decals. http://www.greatdecals.com/AfterHours/AfterHoursList.html.

Nickel Plate Road 1955+ GATC 2600 Airslide Covered Hopper Decals

Nickel Plate Road 1955+ GATC 2600 Airslide Covered Hopper Decals

Tony Koester also found information on some decals for Nickel Plate Road 1955+ GATC 2600 Airslide Covered Hopper Decals.

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