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Dan Merkel, Special Projects Director

NKP Diesels Company Store Color Photography

Photography, History Books, Magazines, Videos, Calendars, and Much More!

The NKPHTS offers numerous items for the enjoyment, study, and modeling of the Nickel Plate Road. We invite you to take some time to look over our catalog of materials. Many of the items, once gone, will no longer be available, so please get them while they're here. If you have any questions about the items for sale, please feel free to email our Special Projects director at the email address shown below.


Store Email Address: store@nkphts.org

Please note - to help distinguish your email inquiry to the store from the pile of spam we've been receiving, please include "NKPHTS" in your Subject line, e.g. "NKPHTS Store Order Inquiry". Thank you.

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