How to Help the NKPHTS

All donations should be sent to the following address. For further information or questions on how to make a donation to the NKPHTS, please contact the society at the same address or by email at

Post Office Box 9
North Hampton, OH 45349-0009

In addition to financial contributions, there are other ways to help the NKPHTS to preserve the memory of the Nickel Plate Road.

  • First, encourage other Nickel Plate Road fans to join the NKPHTS. The more members we have the more the society can do to further preserve the Nickel Plate's rich heritage.

  • Second, contribute articles for publication in our magazine or other publication projects. We are not looking for skilled writers, only those eager to help. We have members who are capable of finishing rough copy. We would like to have first hand experiences as well.

  • Third, volunteer yourself, your organization, and/or your city for one of our upcoming conventions.