memorial Fund

Each year, the NKPHTS is saddened by the loss of several of its members, many of whom have been part of the society's "family" for many years. The society is also often advised of the passing of former Nickel Plate employees, each of whom contributed to the history and legacy of the railroad our organization works so hard to preserve. In response to numerous requests, the Board of Directors of the Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society, Inc. is pleased to announce the creation of a Memorial Fund to honor deceased members of the society, as well as former employees of the Nickel Plate Road who have passed away. This Board-directed fund will accept donations of any size from family members, friends, fellow NKPHTS members, other rail-related organizations, and the public in memory of any deceased society member or deceased NKP employee.

Donate by Mail

  • To download a flyer about the Memorial Fund, please click here.

  • Make checks or money orders payable to “NKPHTS, Inc.”

  • Include the name of the memorial recipient, whether they were a society member or NKP employee, and the donor's relationship to that individual.

  • Please send your check/money order to:

NKPHTS Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 9
North Hampton, OH 45349-0009

Donate Using PayPal

Please Note: PayPal may only be used to honor passed NKPHTS members. For former Nickel Plate employees, please mail your check or money order and proof of the recipient's NKP employment to the above address.

Name of Recipient

Since all donations to the Memorial Fund are tax-deductible, donors should include their name, address, telephone, and available email information when submitting their memorial for IRS verification purposes.

Any recipient receiving accrued memorial donations of $50.00 or more during the course of a single membership year will have their name inscribed on a special NKPHTS Roll of Honor to be published in the Winter issue of the Nickel Plate Road Magazine.

The NKPHTS Memorial Fund is an excellent way to memorialize deceased loved ones or friends who shared a mutual interest in the history and legacy of the Nickel Plate Road. The Fund will be used to support important preservation programs, including the society's Nickel Plate Road Historical Collections™ at the Western New York Railway Historical Society and the NKPHTS Digital Imaging Program.

PLEASE NOTE: For a non-member, former Nickel Plate employee to qualify for inclusion in the annual publication of the NKPHTS Roll of Honor, acceptable proof of employment must be included by the donor. This may be a copy of an NKP employee identification card, annual pass, or other acceptable document or verification of employment.

For further information, please contact