Employee Timetable Compendium

Click here to download (updated 6-25-2015)

The above compendium comes to us from the National Association of Timetable Collectors through Chris Manthey, a member of both the NKPHTS and NAOTC. NAOTC is compiling timetable compendiums of various railroads. Tom Martin of NAOTC is in charge of the NKP employee timetable compendium and he has granted permission for us to post it on our website. Chris Manthey compiled the document format.

General notes: It appears that NKP used one continuous number series for each timetable for its entire existence. When divisions were renamed the previous number series was continued. When division timetables were combined, the number series of one of the constituent divisions was continued. Even when other railroads were acquired, the previous roads' number series were continued.