1944 NKP Shippers List 

Thanks to Morton Chalom who contributed the 1944 NKP Shippers List and to Tony Pellegrino who compiled it into an Excel File. The List also appears in the NKP Yahoo! Group “files” section.

[ Illinois ] [ Indiana ] [ Missouri ] [ New York ] [ Ohio ] [ Pennsylvania ]
Company City St. Products
Alton Boxboard Co. Alton IL
American Smelting & Refining Alton IL
Laclede Steel Co. Alton IL
Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Alton IL
Russell Miller Milling Co Alton IL
E. M. Bane (elevators) Arrowsmith IL
Allied Mills Experimental Bartonville IL
Keystone Steel & Wire Co. Bartonville IL Wire Products
American Foundry & Furnace Bloomington IL
Coca Cola Plant Bloomington IL Coca Cola
Dodge Dickerson Co. Bloomington IL Mattresses
Funk Brothers Seed Co. Bloomington IL Soybeans
George Agle & Sons Bloomington IL Seeds/hides
John Deere Plow Co. Bloomington IL Farm equipment
Kennett-Murray & Co. Bloomington IL Hogs
MaGirt Foundry & Furnace Bloomington IL
Meadows Corp. Bloomington IL Washing Machines
Paul Beich Candy Co. Bloomington IL Candy Bars
Portable Elevator Mfg. Co Bloomington IL Elevators
Producers' Stock Yards Bloomington IL Hogs
Turley Farm Equipment Co. Bloomington IL Farm Equipment
Williams Oil-O-Matic Heat Bloomington IL heaters/air condit
Zipper Mills Bloomington IL Flour
American Zinc Co. Bridge Junction IL Zinc
City Ice & Fuel Co. Bridge Junction IL Reefer ice
International Minerals & Bridge Junction IL
Brocton Peoples Grain Elevator Brocton IL Grain
Decker & Graham Elevator Brocton IL Grain
Baldwin Grain Co. Elevator Brokaw IL
One Elevator Bushton IL
Carlock Farmer's Elevator Carlock IL
A.P. Summers Broom Co. Charleston IL Brooms
Brown Shoe Co. (Capitol B Charleston IL Shoes
Charleston Elevator Co. Charleston IL Elevators
Dorite Mfg. Co. Charleston IL Roofing Paint
Kennett-Murray Co. Charleston IL Hogs
One Elevator Cheneyville IL
Frederick Grain Co. Clarence IL Grain
Congerville Elevator & Co Congerville IL
Schrock's Hybrid Corn Co. Congerville IL Corn
Cowden Cooperative Elevator Cowden IL
Peine Elevator Co. Deer Creek IL
Lawson Tjardes Elevator Derby IL
Donnellson Grain & Supply Donnellson IL Grain
Western Cartridge Co. East Alton IL Arms/ammunition
Singleton & Merritt Elevator East Lynn IL
Altorfer Bros. Co. East Peoria IL Washing Machines
Caterpillar Tractor Co. East Peoria IL Farm Equipment
Commercial Solvents Corp. East Peoria IL Solvents
Hiram Walker Rack House East Peoria IL
Kammerer Concrete Product East Peoria IL Concrete Products
Keystone Steel & Wire East Peoria IL
National Distillers Products East Peoria IL
R. Herschel Mfg. Co. East Peoria IL Farm Equipment
Schlem Bros. Inc. East Peoria IL Truck Bodies
Allied Mills, Inc. East St. Louis IL
American Steel Foundries East St. Louis IL
Darling & Co. East St. Louis IL Fertilizer/Poultry
Eagle-Picher Lead Co. East St. Louis IL
General Box Co. East St. Louis IL Boxes
George A. Hormel Co. East St. Louis IL
Hunter Packing Co. East St. Louis IL
Bignall & Keeler Mfg. Co. Edwardsville IL Pipe Threading Mach
Edwardsville Brass Co. Edwardsville IL Plumbing Fixtures
Funck Wood Products Edwardsville IL Wood Specialties
Kettle River Treating Co Edwardsville IL Treating for ties
N.O. Nelson Mfg. Co. Edwardsville IL Plumbing Supplies
Richards Brick Co. Edwardsville IL Brick
United States Radiator Co Edwardsville IL
Elliott Elevator Co. Elliott IL
Van Gundy Elevator Ellsworth IL
One Elevator Fair Grange IL
American Zinc Co. Fairmont City IL
General Chemical Co. (All Fairmont City IL
Virginia-Caroline Chemical Fairmont City IL
Toberman Feed Co. Elevator Fillmore IL
C.R. Rice Bros. Gibson City IL Livestock
Community Mills Gibson City IL Feed
Corn Belt Hatcheries Gibson City IL Hatcheries/fiber box
Farmers Grain Co. Gibson City IL Implements
Gibson Canning Co. Gibson City IL Vegetables
Kentland Dairy Products Gibson City IL Cheese
McMillen Feed Mills Gibson City IL Soy Feed
Noble Bros. Gibson City IL Seeds
Coal Mining Glen Carbon IL Coal
Goodfield Grain & Coal Co Goodfield IL
Hohulin Bros. Goodfield IL Wire Fencing
American Steel Foundries Granite City IL RR equipment
Army Corps. of Engineers Granite City IL
General Steel Castings Granite City IL Locomotive Parts
Granite Steel Co. Granite City IL Sheet/Plate/Tinplate
Jennison-Wright Co. Granite City IL Treats RR Ties
Koppers Co., Inc. Granite City IL Coke from WVa coal/p
Linde Air Products Granite City IL Oxygen/Nitrogen
National Lead Co. Granite City IL Steel Packaging
Nestle's Milk Corp. Granite City IL Nescafe
Reilly Tar & Chemical Cor Granite City IL
Standard Steel Springs (T Granite City IL
Union Starch & Refining Co. Granite City IL Corn Syrup/Sugar
International Shoe Co. Ta Hartford IL Wire Fencing
Wood River Oil & Refinery Hartford IL (Sinclair Refinery)
Baldwin Grain Co. Elevator Holder IL Stock Chute
American Can Co. Hoopeston IL
Danville Baby Chick Co. Hoopeston IL Chicks/feed
Food Machinery Co. Hoopeston IL Canning Machinery
Hoopeston Canning Co. Hoopeston IL
Hoopeston Concrete Products Hoopeston IL Concrete bldg. unit
Illinois Canning Co. Hoopeston IL
Poor & Co. Hoopeston IL Malleable Iron
E.L. Champian Elevator Lerne IL
Gilman Grain Co. Lerne IL
American Car & Foundry Madison IL
Barret Barber Asphalt Pro Madison IL Roofing Paper
Hyman-Michaels Co. Madison IL Used Steel and Iron
Laclede Steel Mills Madison IL
Madison Packing Co. Madison IL Meat Packing
Cleveland Grain Co. Elevator Metcalfe IL
Libby, McNeil & Libby Morton IL Pottery
Morton Pottery Morton IL Pottery
American Agricultural Chemicals National City IL
Armoour & Co. National City IL Meat Packing
Continental Can Co. National City IL
National Stock Yards National City IL
North American Cold Storage National City IL
Swift & Co. National City IL Meat Packing
Toberman Grain Co. National City IL Grain
Barron & Wolf Neoga IL Corn Brooms
Frank Kern Co., Inc. Neoga IL Garments/shoes
Husband Broom Corn Co. Neoga IL Brooms
Walk Broom Works Neoga IL Brooms
Padua Grain Co. Elevator Padua IL
Charles Shelby Grain Co. Paxton IL
France Broom Co. Paxton IL Brooms
Loda Poultry Co. Paxton IL Eggs/poultry
Paxton Farmers Grain Co. Paxton IL
Paxton Garment Co. Paxton IL Raincoats/jackets/sk
Paxton Packing Co. Paxton IL Canned Goods
A. J. Donahue Boiler & Ir Pekin IL
American Distilling Co. R Pekin IL
C. Stark & Son Ice Co. Pekin IL Ice
Chicasaw Wood Products Pekin IL Cooperage;IN:steel,
Corn Products Refining Co. Pekin IL Corn syrup/gluten/st
Excel Brass & Aluminum Foil Pekin IL Castings
Hinners Reed Organ Co. Pekin IL
McGrath Sand & Gravel Co. Pekin IL Sand and Gravel
Murphy & Walsh Pekin IL Riveted tanks/steel
Norris Grain Co. Elevator Pekin IL
Pekin Farmers Grain Co. E Pekin IL
Pekin Foundry & Mfg. Co. Pekin IL Gray Iron Castings
Pekin Leather Products Co Pekin IL Saddles/purses
Pekin Mining Co. Pekin IL Coal
Quaker Oats Co. Pekin IL Paper mill for conta
Springfield-Pekin Sand & Pekin IL Sand and Gravel
Standard Brands (Pekin Br Pekin IL IN:corn,malt,beet&ca
Super Power Div. of Commo Pekin IL IN:coal;OUT power
W.W. Dewey & Sons Elevator Pekin IL
Barrett Co. Peoria IL Roofing felt
Bemis Bros. Bag Co. Peoria IL Bags
Bisceglia Distilling Co. Peoria IL Industrial Alcohol
Boss Manufacturing Co. Peoria IL Cotton gloves/mitten
Burlington Elevator Peoria IL
Commercial Solvents Corp. Peoria IL Antifreeze/MeOH/acet
Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery Peoria IL Whiskey/Gin/industr
Hyster Co. Peoria IL Lift trucks/Cranes/W
Liquid Carbonic Corp. Peoria IL Dry Ice
Muirson Label Co. Peoria IL Labels
National Cooperage & Wood Peoria IL
National Distillers Products Peoria IL
National Gas Cylinder Co. Peoria IL Gas Cylinders
Pabst Brewing Co. Peoria IL Ale/Beer/Malt Syrup
Peoria Malleable Castings Peoria IL
Peoria Packing Co. Peoria IL Stahl-Meyer meat pro
R.G. LeTourneau, Inc. Peoria IL road bldg. equip/wir
Carson Grain Co. Elevator Perdue IL
Perdueville Elevator Co Perdueville IL
Petri Elevators Rankin IL
One Elevator Rardin IL
Federal North Iowa Grain Ridge Farm IL
Shell Petroleum Corp. Ref Roxana IL Petroleum Products
Brittain Elevator Saybrook IL
Bell Fibre Products Stony Island IL Boxboard/pulp board
Burkhartmeier Cooperage Stony Island IL
Burnside Steel Foundry Co Stony Island IL
Naylor Spiral Pipe Co. Stony Island IL Pipe
Verson Allsteel Presses ( Stony Island IL
Standard Oil Co. Refinery Wood River IL Petroleum Products
Yuton Elevator Yuton IL
[ Top ]
Interstate Machine Tool C Albany IN
McCormick Bros. Albany IN
McCormick Bros. Albany IN Kitchen cabinet equipment
Aladdin Industries Alexandria IN Lamps/thermos jugs
Frazier Packing Co. Alexandria IN Canners
Glove Corp. Alexandria IN Gloves
Johns Manville Products C Alexandria IN Mineral wool
National Gypsum Co. Alexandria IN Rock wool insulation
Farmers Cooperative Elevator Arcadia IN
Firestone Tire & Rubber C Arcadia IN Warehouse
Atlanta Canning Co. Atlanta IN
Davis Elevator Atlanta IN
Miami Cty. Farm Bureau El Bennetts IN
Erie Stone Co. Bluffton IN Stone
Estey Piano Co. Bluffton IN Pianos
Farnsworth TV/Radio Bluffton IN
Geels-Heinss Foundry/Mach Bluffton IN
H.J. Heinz Co. Bluffton IN Pickles
Hoosier Condensed Milk Co Bluffton IN Condensed milk
Libby, McNeill & Libby Bluffton IN Tomatoes
Patton McCray Co. Bluffton IN Furniture
Red Cross Mfg. Co. Bluffton IN Corn shellers/cider
Kennett-Murray Stockyards Boswell IN
One elevator Boyleston IN
Bunker Hill Air Base Bunker Hill IN Fuel (IN)
Bunker Hill Elevator Bunker Hill IN
Campbell Grain & Seed Co. Bunker Hill IN
Castleton Grain Co. Elevator Castleton IN
Cayuga Brick & Tile Cayuga IN
Morgan Adams Canning Fact Cayuga IN
Neal Gravel Co. Cayuga IN
One elevator Cayuga IN
One lumber yard Cayuga IN
Thornton Quarries Corp. Cayuga IN Rock
One elevator Chase IN
Ciceero Canning Co. Cicero IN
Cicero Wood Products Co. Cicero IN
Cicero Wood Products Co. Cicero IN
Farmers Cooperative Elevator Cicero IN
Auburn Central Mfg. Co. Connersville IN Auto bodies;metal ca
McQuay Norris Mfg. Co. Connersville IN Auto parts
National Metal Products Connersville IN Casket hardware
Rex Mfg. Co. Connersville IN Refrigerator cabinet
Oakville Elevator Co. Cowan IN
Craigville Elevator Craigville IN
Kennett-Murray Stockyards Craigville IN
Bay Services, Inc. Decatur IN Cotton/jute/burlap b
Burk Elevator Decatur IN Cotton/jute/burlap b
Central Soya Co. Decatur IN Soy beans
Decatur Casting Decatur IN Gray iron castings
General Electric Decatur IN Fractional motors
Hamilton Foundry Machine Decatur IN Gray iron castings
Kraft Cheese Decatur IN Butter/cheese
Krick-Tyndall Co. Decatur IN Drainage tile
MacMillan Feed Co. Decatur IN
Wayne Novelty Co. Decatur IN Novelties
Balls Paper Mills Eaton IN Paper Products
Eaton Canning Co. Eaton IN
Campbell Soup Co. Edgerton IN Tomato soup
Continental Can Co. Elwood IN
Duffy Stockyard Elwood IN
Fettig Paching Co. Elwood IN Canning
Frazier Packing Co. Elwood IN Canning
Fred Gentsch Elwood IN Beds/mattresses for
G.I. Sellers & Sons Elwood IN Kitchen cabinets/fur
General Lamps Mfg. Co. Elwood IN Lamps
Heinz Mfg. Co. Elwood IN Floral racks
MacBath-Evans Glass Co. Elwood IN
Monticello Mfg. Co. Elwood IN Mobile homes
Stokley Bros. & Co. Elwood IN Tomato canning
Fisher's Grain Co. Fishers IN
Campbells Soup Co. Forest IN Tomatoes
Sellers Grain Elevator Forest IN
Allied Mills, Inc. Fort Wayne IN
American Fork & Hoe Fort Wayne IN Forks and hoes
Bass Foundry & Machine Co Fort Wayne IN RR wheels
Berghoff Brewing Fort Wayne IN
Boss Mfg. Co. Fort Wayne IN
Bowser & Co. Fort Wayne IN Pumps
Centilivre Brewing Fort Wayne IN
Crown Can Fort Wayne IN
Deister Concentrator Co. Fort Wayne IN
Essex Wire Corp. of Detroit Fort Wayne IN
Farnsworth TV & Radio Cor Fort Wayne IN
Fort Wayne Corrugated Paper Fort Wayne IN
General Motors Fort Wayne IN Motors;generators
Hoff-Brau Brewing Fort Wayne IN
International Harvester Fort Wayne IN Trucks
Josyln Mfg. & Supply Co. Fort Wayne IN
Kennett-Murray & Whiting Fort Wayne IN Stock yards
Magnavox Co. Fort Wayne IN
Phelps Dodge/Inca Mfg. Di Fort Wayne IN
Rea Magnet Wire Co. Fort Wayne IN
Studebaker/aviation div. Fort Wayne IN
Tokheim Oil Tank & Pump C Fort Wayne IN
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Fort Wayne IN
Wayne Knitting Mills Fort Wayne IN Hosiery
Wayne Pump Co. Fort Wayne IN
Wayne Pump Co. Fort Wayne IN
Wayne Pump Co. Fort Wayne IN
Wayne Pump Co. Fort Wayne IN
Wayne Pump Co. Fort Wayne IN
Wayne Pump Co. Fort Wayne IN
Wayne Pump Co. Fort Wayne IN
Wayne Tool & Die Fort Wayne IN
Hillsdale Mfg. Co. Frankfort IN Clothing
Indiana Brass Co. Frankfort IN Plumbing supplies
Ingram Richardson Frankfort IN Porcelain table tops
Jules L. Simon Frankfort IN Coveralls
Kemp Bros. Packing Frankfort IN
Milner Provision Co. Frankfort IN Meat packers
National Cigar Co. Frankfort IN
U.S. Body & Forging Frankfort IN Station wagon bodies
Pullman-Standard Car Mfg. Gary IN
U.S. Steel Corp. Gary IN
Owens-Illinois Box Co. Gas City IN
Owens-Illinois Glass Gas City IN
Ford Motor Co. Hammond IN
Pressed Steel Car Co. Hammond IN
Shipbuilding Div. Pullman Hammond IN
Ft. Wayne Corrugated Paper Hartford City IN
Fulton Glass Co. Hartford City IN
Hartford City Paper Co. Hartford City IN Heavy wrapping paper
Johnston Glass Co. Hartford City IN
Overhead Door Co. Hartford City IN Garage doors
Sneath Glass Co. Hartford City IN
Southern Kraft Corp. Hartford City IN Kraft Paper
One elevator Hillisburg IN
One canning plant Hobbs IN
One grain elevator Hobbs IN
2-in-1 Shinola Bixby Shoe Indianapolis IN
Acme-Evans Milling Co. Indianapolis IN
Allison Engine Indianapolis IN
American Can Co. Indianapolis IN
B.H.T. Products Co. Indianapolis IN Auto parts
Balkamp Mfg. Co. Indianapolis IN
Barbasol Indianapolis IN
Bemis Bag Co. Indianapolis IN
Bridgeport Brass Co. Indianapolis IN
C&G Foundry &Pattern Work Indianapolis IN Castings
Chevrolet Indianapolis IN
Citizens Gas & Coke Co. Indianapolis IN
Curtiss-Wright Corp. Indianapolis IN
E.C. Atkins & Co. Indianapolis IN Saws
Eli Lilly & Co. Indianapolis IN Labs/box factory
Emerson-Scheuring Tank Co Indianapolis IN
Enterprise Iron & Fence C Indianapolis IN
Ertle Machine Co. Indianapolis IN
Evans Milling Co. Indianapolis IN Brewer's grits
Glidden Co. Indianapolis IN Paint
Holcomb & Hoke Mfg. Co. Indianapolis IN
Hoosier Coal & Oil Co. Indianapolis IN
Indianapolis stock yards Indianapolis IN
Inland Container Corp. Indianapolis IN
International Harvester Indianapolis IN
Kahn Tailoring Co. Indianapolis IN Tailored clothing
Kingan & Co. Indianapolis IN Meat packers/exporters
Light Metals, Inc. Indianapolis IN Magnesium castings
Linde Air Products Indianapolis IN
Link Belt Co. Indianapolis IN
P.R. Mallory Co. Indianapolis IN
Packard Mfg. Co. Indianapolis IN Jute boxes
Polk Milks & Products Co. Indianapolis IN Feed
Presto Lite Co. Indianapolis IN
Real Silk Hosiery Mills Indianapolis IN Hosiery
Schwitzer-Cummins Co. Indianapolis IN
Standard Margarine Co. Indianapolis IN Standard brands
Stokely-Van Camp, Inc. Indianapolis IN Canning/frozen foods
Thomas & Skinner Indianapolis IN Machine Tools
Kemp Packing Co. Kempton IN
One elevator Kirkpatrick IN
Taitel & Sons Knox IN Textiles
American Art Alloy Kokomo IN Dirigold ware
American Radiator-Std. Sa Kokomo IN Plumbing fixtures
Chrysler Corp. Kokomo IN Transmissions
Continental Steel Corp. Kokomo IN Wire/nails/fencing
Delco Radio Kokomo IN Carburetors/radios
General Electric Kokomo IN Small motors
Globe American Corp. Kokomo IN Stoves/furnaces
Haynes Stellite Co. Kokomo IN Stellite tools/bits/
Howard Cty. Farm Bureau e Kokomo IN
Kemp Co. Kokomo IN Tomato juice
Kingston Products Co. Kokomo IN Roller skates
Kingston Products Co. Kokomo IN Roller skates
Kokomo Sanitary Pottery Kokomo IN Plumbing fixtures
Sterling Mfg. Co. Kokomo IN Cotton garments
Alcoa (on Wabash RR) Lafayette IN Aluminum extrusions
Alton Boxboard Co. Lafayette IN Strawboard/boxboard
Brown Rubber Co. Lafayette IN Window glass/arm res
Fairfield Mfg. Co. Lafayette IN Transmission/differentials
Indiana Gravel Co. Lafayette IN LE&W ballast
Kennett-Murray Stockyards Lafayette IN
Peerless Wire Lafayette IN
Ralston Purina Soybean Mi Lafayette IN
Ross Gear & Tool Lafayette IN Auto steering gears
Rostone Co. Lafayette IN Brick fr limestone/m
Sunshine Farms Lafayette IN Cream (by baggage)
Allis-Chalmers LaPorte IN Farm/road-paving equipment
Athletic Shoe Co. LaPorte IN Footwear
Bachman Woolen Mills LaPorte IN Cloth
Bastian Morley Co. LaPorte IN Hot water heaters
Indiana Moulding Co. LaPorte IN
Johnson Oil Co. LaPorte IN
Metal Door & Trim Co. LaPorte IN Steel doors/frames
Modine Mfg. Co. LaPorte IN Motor/residential ra
U.S. Slicing Co. LaPorte IN Slicing equipment
One elevator Liberty Center IN
Anaconda Wire & Cable Marion IN Insulated wire & rub
Bell Fibre Products Marion IN Paper boxes
Daly Bros. Shoe Co. Marion IN
Farnsworth TV & Radio Cor Marion IN
Foster Forbes Co. Marion IN Bottles
Marion Machine Foundry S Marion IN Machine supplies
Marion Malleable Iron Co. Marion IN Castings
Paranite Wire & Cable Co. Marion IN Essex wire
Peerless of America Marion IN
Swift & Co. Marion IN
One elevator Mellott IN
Blockson & Co. Michigan City IN Hair goods
Bromwell Wire Goods Michigan City IN
Dunham Co. Michigan City IN Heating units/pumps
Dwyer Products Co. Michigan City IN Enamel kitchen equip
Excelsior Cycle Co. Michigan City IN
Josam Mfg. Co. Michigan City IN Castings
Kingsley Furniture Co. Michigan City IN Upholstered furnitur
Northern IN Public Service Michigan City IN Generating plant
Pullman-Standard Michigan City IN Freight cars/caboose
Reliance Mfg. Co. Michigan City IN 'Big Yank' shirts
Royal Metal Mfg. Co. Michigan City IN Metal furniture
Smith Bros. Michigan City IN Cough drops
Stefco Steel Co. Michigan City IN Fabricated buildings
Sullivan Machinery Co. Michigan City IN Mining drills
Weil-McLain Co. Michigan City IN Castings/boilers
Elevator Michigantown IN
Sellers Elevator Middletons IN
American Casket Co. Milton IN Caskets
Bertsch & Co. Milton IN Shears/punches
Heim Mfg. Co. Milton IN Caskets
Mal Gra Castings Co. Milton IN Pipe fittings
Standard Mfg. Co. Milton IN Folding chairs
Arthur Canneries, Inc. Montpelier IN Tomatoes
Chemical Equip. Co. Montpelier IN Lamps/lanterns
Duffey & Sons Montpelier IN Livestock
Montpelier Glove Co. Montpelier IN Leather/canvas
Smaltz Glove Factory Montpelier IN Inexpensive leather
G.S. Suppinger Co. Mt. Summit IN Cannery
Acme-Lees Muncie IN Bolts
American Lawn Mower Co. Muncie IN Lawn mowers
Ball Bros. Muncie IN Glass jars
Broderick Co. Muncie IN Boilers/forgings
Chevrolet Muncie IN Auto parts
Delco-Remy Muncie IN GM electric accessor
Durham Mfg. Co. Muncie IN Metal card tables/ch
Glasscock Bros. Mfg. Co. Muncie IN Beverage coolers
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Muncie IN Tractor tracks/gaskets
Hager Mfg. Co. Muncie IN Bed springs
Indiana Steel & Wire Muncie IN Wire/fencing
Kuhner Packing Co. Muncie IN
Moore Co. Muncie IN Bed springs
Muncie Gear Co. Muncie IN
Muncie Malleable Foundry Muncie IN
Muncie Products Co. Muncie IN Auto parts
Ontario Mfg. Co. Muncie IN Silverware
Owens-Illinois Glass Muncie IN Blocks/insulators
Warner Gear Muncie IN Transmissions/gears/
Warner Machine Products Muncie IN Brass auto parts
Chrysler Corp. New Castle IN Transmissions/parts
Davis Foundry New Castle IN
Equipment & Research Corp New Castle IN
Ingersol Steel & Disk Co. New Castle IN Subdivision of Borg-Warner
Kumfy Togs, Inc. New Castle IN Children's clothing
New Castle Casket Co. New Castle IN Caskets
New Castle Products New Castle IN Doors
Pan-American Bridge Co. New Castle IN Structural steel
Perfect Circle Co. New Castle IN Piston rings
Seimer, Inc. New Castle IN Pianos
Trainor Springs New Castle IN Auto springs
Western Products New Castle IN Industrial products
World Bestos Corp. New Castle IN Subdivision of Fires
American Fork and Hoe New Haven IN Forks and hoes
Kollman Case Co. New Haven IN
National Can Co. New Haven IN
Elevators (2) New Richmond IN
Acme Evans Co. Noblesville IN Elevator
Baker Gravel Pit Noblesville IN
Ball Bros. Noblesville IN Boxboard
Capital Furniture Co. Noblesville IN Bedroom furniture
Eagle Glove Co. Noblesville IN
Firestone Rubber Noblesville IN Mechanical division
Middle West Roads Co. Noblesville IN
Noblesville Castings Noblesville IN
St. Mary's Canning Co. Noblesville IN
Elevator Otterbein IN
Elevator Oxford IN
Burk Elevator Perterson IN
American Stationery Co. Peru IN
Automatic Sealing Vault C Peru IN Concrete products
Bryan Mfg. Co. Peru IN Wiring for planes
Bryan Steam Corp. Peru IN Boilers
Dewey-Shepherd Boiler Co. Peru IN Boilers
H.A. Thrush & Co. Peru IN
Lee Furniture Co. Peru IN Furniture
McLoughlin Mfg. Co. Peru IN Garments
Miami Brass Co. Peru IN
Peru Foundry Peru IN
Peru Machine Co. Peru IN Machine parts
Redmon Sons & Co. Peru IN Baskets
S. J. Bailey Co. Peru IN Furniture
Square D Co. Peru IN
Standard Cabinet Mfg. Co. Peru IN Furniture
Stokley-Van Camp Peru IN Canning
Triplex Heating Specialty Peru IN Heat controls
Wallace Mfg. Co. Peru IN Radio cabinets
Weather-Seal Peru IN Storm windows
A. M. Mauller Elevator Pleasant Mills IN
Cooperative G.L.F. Mills Plymouth IN
McCord Radiator Co. Plymouth IN Auto/truck radiators
Plymouth Mfg. Co. Plymouth IN Boxes
Plymouth Seed Co. Plymouth IN Seeds
Schlosser Bros. Plymouth IN Dairy products
Farm Bureau Elevator Portland IN
Haynes Milling Co. Portland IN
Jay Garment Co. Portland IN Work clothes
Joseph Lay Co. Portland IN Brooms
Kennett-Murray Stockyards Portland IN
Naas Corp. Portland IN Canning (in former c
Portland Forge & Foundry Portland IN Drop hammers
Portland Silo Co. Portland IN Sectional silos
Sheller Mfg. Co. Portland IN Steering wheels
Standard Brush & Broom Portland IN
Caar Canning Co. Red Key IN Vegetables
Armour & Co. Rochester IN Dairy/poultry
Rochester Metal Products Rochester IN Foundry Work
Topps Mfg. Co. Rochester IN Work clothing
International Furniture C Rushville IN Furniture
Mullins Gibson Mfg. Co. Rushville IN Machinery
Norris Fertilizer Co. Rushville IN
Parke Furniture Co. Rushville IN Furniture
Rush County Mills Rushville IN
Rushville Furniture Co. Rushville IN Furniture
J. S. Mitchell Co. Sharpsville IN Canning
Kraft-Phoenix Cheese Co. Sharpsville IN
Sharpsville Grain Co. Sharpsville IN
Grip Nut Plant South Whitley IN Nuts
Inland Alkaloid Industries Tipton IN
J.J. McIntosh & Son Tipton IN Brooms
Oakes Mfg. Co. Tipton IN Poultry supplies
Perfect Circle Co. Tipton IN Piston rings
Pioneer Hybrid Seed Corn Tipton IN Seed corn
Stokely-Van Camp Tipton IN Canning
Tipton County Farm Bureau Tipton IN Elevator
Tipton Furniture Co. Tipton IN Furniture
Continental Diamond Fibre Valparaiso IN Mica/bakelite insulators
Indiana Steel Products Co Valparaiso IN Magnets
McGill Mfg. Co. Valparaiso IN Die castings/light f
Farmers Elevator VanBuren IN
Hoosier Grain Co. VanBuren IN
Weaver Popcorn Co. VanBuren IN Popcorn
Fountain County Livestock Veedersburg IN
Globe Railway Equip. Co. Veedersburg IN
Indiana Condensed Milk Co Veedersburg IN Condensed milk
Veedersburg Brick Co. Veedersburg IN Brick
Veedersburg Clay Products Veedersburg IN
Veedersburg Grain Elevator Veedersburg IN
Veedersburg Paver Co. Veedersburg IN Brick/tile
Clarence Malvin & M. Piow Walkerton IN Onions
H.J. Heinz Walkerton IN Pickles
Holser-Palmer Elevator Walkerton IN Grain/coal/fertilize
Walkerton Lumber Co. Walkerton IN Lumber/coal/cement
Butterfield Canning Co. Warren IN
Salamonie Packing Co. Warren IN Tomatoes
Self-Rising Door Co. Warren IN
War Hemp Industries Warren IN
Elevator Wingate IN
[ Top ]
A.S. Aloe Co. St. Louis MO Surgical supplies
American Car & Foundry St. Louis MO
American Smelting & Refinery St. Louis MO
American Steel Foundries St. Louis MO
American Stove Co. St. Louis MO
American Zinc, Lead & Sme St. Louis MO
Anheuser-Busch St. Louis MO
Blanton Co. St. Louis MO Margarine
Broderick & Bascom Rope Co. St. Louis MO Steel cable/wire ro
Brown Shoe Co. St. Louis MO
Busch-Sulzer Diesel Engine St. Louis MO
Century Electric Co. St. Louis MO
Eagle-Picher Lead Co. Sme St. Louis MO
Emeerson Electric Co. St. Louis MO
Gaylord Container Corp. St. Louis MO Paper boxes/board
General Cable Co. St. Louis MO
General Refractories Co. St. Louis MO Fire brick
General Steel Castings St. Louis MO
Groves Laboratories St. Louis MO Cold tablets
Hickman Williams Co. St. Louis MO Lime
International Shoe Co. St. Louis MO
Krey Packing Co. St. Louis MO
Laclede Christy Clay Prod St. Louis MO Fire brick
Lambert Pharmaceuticals St. Louis MO Listerine
Lewin Metals Co. Smelter St. Louis MO
Lewis-Howe Co. St. Louis MO Tums
Liggett & Myers Tobacco C St. Louis MO
Mallincrodt Chemical Co. St. Louis MO Industrial chemicals
Maloney Electric Co. St. Louis MO
Midwest Piping Supply Co. St. Louis MO Pipe fittings
Mississippi Lime Co. St. Louis MO
Monsanto Chemical Co. St. Louis MO
National Lead Co. Smelter St. Louis MO
Pet Milk Co. St. Louis MO
Ralston Purina Co. St. Louis MO
Sayman Products Co. St. Louis MO Sayman soaps
Scullin Steel Co. St. Louis MO Castings/car parts
Shapleigh Hardware Co. St. Louis MO
St. Genevieve Lime Co. St. Louis MO
St. Louis Car Co. St. Louis MO
St. Louis Packing Co. St. Louis MO
United Drug Co. St. Louis MO
Wagner Electric Co. St. Louis MO
Walsh Refractories Corp. St. Louis MO Fire brick
Wm. R. Warner Co. St. Louis MO Sloan's Liniment
[ Top ]
Bison Canning Co. Angola NY Canned goods
Chrisholm-Moore Corp. Angola NY Chain hoists
Columbus McKinnon Chair C Angola NY
Enzinger Union Corp. Angola NY Brewers' machinery
Brocton Furniture Co. Brocton NY Furniture
Brocton Preserving Co. Brocton NY
Huntley Mfg. Co. Brocton NY
K.F. Plywood Corp. Brocton NY Plywood
Allied Chemical & Dye Co. Buffalo NY
Allied Mills Elevators Buffalo NY
Allied Mills Elevators Buffalo NY
Allied Mills, Inc. Buffalo NY Feed
American Agricultural Ch Buffalo NY
American Brake & Shoe Fdr Buffalo NY
Archer-Daniels-Midland Buffalo NY Linseed oil
Best Foods Buffalo NY Cereal
Bethlehem Steel Co. Buffalo NY Strip/sheet metal/ a
Bliss & Laughlin Buffalo NY
Buffalo Niagara Elec. Co. Buffalo NY Coal (IN)
Cooperative G.L.F. Buffalo NY Feed
Curtiss-Wright Buffalo NY Aircraft engines
Dunlop Tire & Rubber Buffalo NY
Eastern States Milling Buffalo NY Feed
F. N. Burt Buffalo NY
Farrell Birmingham Co. Buffalo NY
Federal Portland Cement Buffalo NY
Fisher Body Corp. Buffalo NY
Ford Motor Co. Buffalo NY
General Cable Corp. Buffalo NY
General Chemical/Aniline Buffalo NY
General Mills Buffalo NY Cereal/flour
Great Lake Cement Co. Buffalo NY
Hanna Furnace Corp. Buffalo NY
Hecker Products Corp. Buffalo NY Cereal
Hewitt Rubber Buffalo NY Air brake/signal lin
International Milling Buffalo NY Flour
Lehigh-Portland Cement Co Buffalo NY
National Biscuit Co. Buffalo NY
Nigara Frontier Food Term Buffalo NY
Nigara Frontier Food Term Buffalo NY
Pillsbury Flour Mills Buffalo NY Flour
Ralston Purina Mills Buffalo NY Feed
Republic Steel Buffalo NY
Spencer Kellogg Buffalo NY Linseed oil
Tonawanda Iron (Amer. Rad Buffalo NY
Wickwire Spencer Steel Co Buffalo NY
Wildroot Co. Buffalo NY
Alco Products/Div. Amer. Dunkirk NY Oil refining machine
Allegheny Ludlum Steel Dunkirk NY Tool steel
American Fork & Hoe Co. Dunkirk NY
Dunkirk Foundries Dunkirk NY
Lake Shore Seed Co. Dunkirk NY
Marsh Valve Co. Dunkirk NY
U.S. Radiator Co. Dunkirk NY
Van Raalte Co. Dunkirk NY Silk mills
Acheson Graphite Co. Niagara Falls NY
American Radiator/Std. Sa Niagara Falls NY
Bell Aircraft Niagara Falls NY
Buffalo Bolt Co. Niagara Falls NY
Carborundum Co. Niagara Falls NY
Certain-Teed Products Niagara Falls NY
Gilman Fanfold Co. Niagara Falls NY
Hooker Electrochemical Co Niagara Falls NY
International Paper Co. Niagara Falls NY
Mathieson Alkali Works Niagara Falls NY
National Biscuit Co. Niagara Falls NY
Niagara Alkali Co. Niagara Falls NY
Oldbury Electro Chemical Niagara Falls NY
R&H Div. of du Pont Niagara Falls NY
Remington-Rand Niagara Falls NY
Spaulding Fibre Co. Niagara Falls NY
Tonawanda Iron Co. Niagara Falls NY
Chautauqua & Erie Grape G Ripley NY
Chautauqua Plywood Corp. Ripley NY
R.C. McAteer Ripley NY Fruit processors
Collins Upholstery Mfg. C Silver Creek NY Upholstered furnitur
S. Howes Co. Silver Creek NY Grain/milling machin
Silver Creek Precision Co Silver Creek NY Military equipment
Silver Creek Preserving C Silver Creek NY Preserves
Buffalo Electro Chemical Tonawanda NY
Buffalo Niagara Electric Tonawanda NY Coal (IN)
Chevrolet (Axle Div.) Tonawanda NY
Dunlop Rubber Co. Tonawanda NY
DuPont de Nemours Co. Tonawanda NY Rayon
Eastern States Milling Tonawanda NY
Fleischman Malting Co. Tonawanda NY
Lake Erie Engineering Cor Tonawanda NY
Linde Air Products Tonawanda NY
Lucidol Corp. Tonawanda NY Mfg. chemists
Mentholatum Tonawanda NY
New York Wheel Co. Tonawanda NY
Rice & Adams Tonawanda NY Milk plant equipment
Semet-Solvay Co. Tonawanda NY Coal (IN)
Sterling Engine Co. Tonawanda NY
Wickwire Spencer Steel Co Tonawanda NY
Ajax Flexible Coupling Co Westfield NY
Brown & Book Westfield NY
Grape Growers Coop Assoc. Westfield NY
Rood-McLean Fruit Produce Westfield NY
Welches Grape Juice Co. Westfield NY
Westfield Planters Coop F Westfield NY
[ Top ]
Aetna Rubber Co. Ashtabula OH
American Fork & Hoe Ashtabula OH
Ashtabula Auto Equipment Ashtabula OH
Ashtabula Corrugated Box Ashtabula OH
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Ashtabula OH
Coal & iron docks Ashtabula OH
Dunne Rubber Co. Ashtabula OH
Electro-Metallurgical Co. Ashtabula OH
Lake City Malleable Inc. Ashtabula OH Iron castings
National Carbide Corp. Ashtabula OH Air reduction
Raser Tanning Co. Ashtabula OH
Schlessman & Sons Avery OH Wholesale seed corn
Weaver Wall Co. Avery OH Roofing paper
Cleveland Electric Illumi Avon Lake OH
Marcelletti & Son Contruction Bedford OH
Bellevue Mfg. Co. Bellevue OH Auto fixtures
France Stone Co. Bellevue OH Crushed stone
General Electric Bellevue OH Lamps & fixtures
Klein Steel Co. Bellevue OH Structural steel
Ohio Cultivator Co. Bellevue OH
Boss Glove Co. Bluffton OH Work gloves
Central Ohio Power & Light Bluffton OH
Belden Spur Canton OH
Canton Pattern Bearing Co Canton OH
Cummins Storage Canton OH
Diebold Co. Canton OH
National Biscuit Canton OH
Ohio Power Canton OH
Royal & Imperial Brick Co Canton OH
Timken Canton OH
Brandt's Furniture Co. Celina OH Upholstered furniture
Celina Mfg. Co. Celina OH Metal tanks
Celina Stearic Acid Co. Celina OH Chemicals
Crampton Canneries Celina OH Vegetables
Mersman Bros. Celina OH Fine furniture
Producer's Creamery Celina OH Milk powder
Geo Arthur Coal Co. Tippl Chagrin Falls OH
American Steel & Wire Cleveland OH
Apex Electrical Mfg. Co. Cleveland OH
Brewing Corp. of America Cleveland OH
Canfield Oil Co. Cleveland OH
Cleveland "Plain Dealer" Cleveland OH
Cleveland Graphite Bronze Cleveland OH
E.I. duPont de Nemours & Cleveland OH
Fisher Body Cleveland OH
Glidden Cleveland OH
Jones & Laughlin Co. Cleveland OH
Lamson & Sessions Cleveland OH
Midland Steel Products Cleveland OH
N. Ohio Food Terminal Cleveland OH
Ohio Crankshaft Cleveland OH
Republic Coal Yard Cleveland OH
Republic Steel Cleveland OH
Sherwin-Williams Cleveland OH
Standard Oil Cleveland OH
Terminal Scrap Yards Cleveland OH
New Idea, Inc. Coldwater OH Farm implements
Pet Milk Coldwater OH
American Fork & Hoe Conneaut OH
Coal & iron ore docks Conneaut OH
Conneaut Base Works Conneaut OH GE lamp bases
Conneaut Can Co. Conneaut OH
Conneaut Rubber & Plastic Conneaut OH
Cummins Canning Co. Conneaut OH
Peerless Mineral Products Conneaut OH
Continental Veg. Packing Continental OH
Raabe Grain Co. Continental OH
Snyder Tile Co. Continental OH Drain tile/bldg. blo
Delphos Bending Co. Delphos OH Wood products & toys
Gramm Motors Delphos OH Trucks & trailers
New Delphos Mfg. Co. Delphos OH Galvanized iron prod
St. Marys Packing Delphos OH
Silica Sand Co. Dundee OH
Stark Brick Co. East Canton OH
General Electric East Cleveland OH Lamps/specialties
Addressograph/Multigraph Euclid OH
Chase brass & copper Euclid OH
Cleveland Hobbing Co. Euclid OH
Cleveland Pneumatic Aerol Euclid OH
Cleveland Tractor Euclid OH
Euclid Crane & Hoist Euclid OH
General Electric Euclid OH
Geometric Stamping Co. Euclid OH
Thompson Aircraft Product Euclid OH
Diamond Alkali Fairport Harbor OH Soda ash/NaHCO3/HCl
Industrial Rayon Co. Fairport Harbor OH
Boss Mfg. Co. Findlay OH Gloves
Buckeye Traction Ditcher Findlay OH
Central Rubber & Steel Findlay OH
Diesel-Wemmer-Gilbert Findlay OH
Differential Car Co. Findlay OH
Glessner Co. Findlay OH
Great Lake Sugar Findlay OH
Hancock Brick & Tile Findlay OH
Kirk Milling Co. Findlay OH
Krantz Brewing Findlay OH
Master Tire & Rubber Findlay OH
Model Foundry Machine Co. Findlay OH
National Lime & Stone Co. Findlay OH
National Refining Co. Findlay OH
Ohio Oil Co. Findlay OH
Remington Arms Corp. Findlay OH
Smith Bros. Mfg. Co. Findlay OH
Tarbox & McCall Co. Findlay OH
American Rwy. Signal Co. Fostoria OH
Baugh & Sons Fostoria OH Fertilizer
Bersted Mfg. Co. Fostoria OH Electric appliances
Electric Auto Lite Co. Fostoria OH Spark plugs/castings
Fostoria Pressed Steel Co Fostoria OH
Fostoria Screw Products Fostoria OH
Fostoria Stock Yards Fostoria OH Battery electrodes
Hy-Grade Food Products Fostoria OH
Mennell Milling Co. Fostoria OH
National Carbon Co. Fostoria OH Battery electrodes
Ohio Farmers Grain Corp. Fostoria OH
Seneca Wire & Mfg. Co. Fostoria OH
Swift & Co. Fostoria OH Soybean mill
Burkett Lightning Rod Co. Fremont OH
Calter-Christy Fremont OH Signs/garment hangers
Clauss Shear Co. Fremont OH Cutlery
Crescent Mfg. Co.. Fremont OH Surgical cutlery
Fangboner Seed Co. Fremont OH Grain elevator
Fremont Cultivator Co. Fremont OH
Fremont Foundry Fremont OH Castings auto/fridge
Fremont Kraut Co. Fremont OH
Fremont Paper Box Co. Fremont OH
Fremont Pump Co. Fremont OH
Fremont Rubber Products Fremont OH
Gottron Bros. Fremont OH Limestone/gravel
Great Lakes Sugar Co. Fremont OH Sugar beets (IN)
H.J. Heinz Fremont OH Tomato cannery
Hodes-Zink Co. Fremont OH Auto equipment
Holderman Machine Co. Fremont OH Stationary/mill engi
Home Sand & Coal spur Fremont OH
Lehr Agricultural Co. Fremont OH Cultivators/harrows
Ohio Power Co. spur Fremont OH
Pet Milk Fremont OH
R.J. Christy Co. Fremont OH Razor blades/knives
S.E. Hyman Co. Fremont OH Seat covers/grill fr
Schaff & Co. Fremont OH Cutlery
Simple Salesbrook Co. Fremont OH
Thompson & Bros. Fremont OH Cutlery
Thompson-Hutson Electric Fremont OH Carbon lighting
Trommer Malt Extract Co. Fremont OH
United Mills Co. Fremont OH Grain elevator
Yerges Mfg. Co. Fremont OH Cotton products
American Fork & Hoe Geneva OH Farm implements
Champion Hardware Co. Geneva OH
Du All Mfg. Co. Geneva OH
Geneva Metal Wheel Co. Geneva OH
Archer-Daniels-Midland Grand Rapids OH Soybeans
Kraft Cheese Grand Rapids OH
Toledo Soybean Processing Grand Rapids OH
Celotex Gypsum OH
U.S. Gypsum Gypsum OH
Coal and ore docks Huron OH
Saunders Mills Latty OH Alfalfa dehydrating
St. Marys Packing Co. Leipsic OH Vegetables
Artkraft Sign Co. Lima OH Neon signs
Deisel-Wemmer-Gilbert Lima OH Cigars/boxes
Lima Cord Sole Co. Lima OH Rubber heels & soles
Lima Locomotive Works Lima OH
Lima Tank Depot (WWII) Lima OH
Ohio Steel Foundry Lima OH Castings/rolls
Republic Creosoting Lima OH RR ties/telephone poles
Standard Oil Lima OH
Superior Body Co. Lima OH Bus,ambulance,hearse
Union Tank Car Co. Lima OH
Westinghouse Lima OH Small motors
American Crucible Co. Lorain OH
American Stone Co. Lorain OH
Haydenville Brass Co. Lorain OH
National Tube Co. Lorain OH Seamless steel tubes
Thew Shovel Co. Lorain OH
Magnesium Reduction Co. Luckey OH Magnesium & alloys
Lake Erie Milling Co. Madison OH
Pohlman Bros. Malinta OH Livestock
Basic Refractories Maple Grove OH Clinkered dolomite
Massillon Asylum Spur Massillon OH
S.W. Hart & Son Coal Co. Minerva OH
Wheeling Steel Mingo OH
Industrial Equipment Co. Minster OH
Minster Machine Co. Minster OH
Post Printing Co. Minster OH
Republic Shoe Co. Minster OH
Star Beverage Co. Minster OH Wooden Shoe Beer
McKay Woolen Mills New Bremen OH Wool & yard goods
New Bremen Rubber Co. New Bremen OH
Stamco Co. New Bremen OH
White Mountain Creamery New Bremen OH
Green Basin Coal Co. New Cumberland OH
Coal Co. Spur Norwalk OH
Jennings Ready Mix track Norwalk OH
Ottawa Co. Coop Oak Harbor OH
Sharp Canning Co. Ohio City OH
A.E. Staley Painesville OH Soybean mill
Coe Mfg. Co. Painesville OH
Diamond Magnesium Painesville OH Raw material:dolomite
Lake Erie Milling Co. Painesville OH
Light Alloys Co. Painesville OH
S. A. S. Rubber Products Painesville OH
Standard Portland Cement Painesville OH
U.S. Alfalfa Co. Payne OH Alfalfa dehydrating
Stauffer Chemical Co. Perry OH Carbon bisulfide
Aluminum & Magnesium Sandusky OH
American Crayon Sandusky OH
Armour Fertilizer Works Sandusky OH
Barr Rubber Products Co. Sandusky OH
Farrell Creek Steel Found Sandusky OH
Hinde & Dauch Paper Co. Sandusky OH
Holland Rieger Corp. Sandusky OH
Plum Brook Ordnance Plant Sandusky OH
Sandusky Foundry & Machine Sandusky OH
Simplex Radio Sandusky OH
Superior Sand Corp. Sherrodsville OH
Auglaize Paper Box Co. St. Marys OH
Crane & McMahon St. Marys OH Furniture
Goodyear Tire & Rubber St. Marys OH Pliofilm
Hannifin Mfg. Co. St. Marys OH Heavy machinery
St. Marys Blanket Co. St. Marys OH
St. Marys Foundry St. Marys OH Castings
St. Marys Packing Co. St. Marys OH
St. Marys Wheel & Spoke St. Marys OH Circus wheels
Wheeling Steel Steubenville OH
Acklin Stamping Co. Toledo OH
Air-way Elec. Appliances Toledo OH Vacuum cleaners
American Can Co. Toledo OH
Champion Spark Plugs Toledo OH
Chevrolet Toledo OH Warner gears
DeVilbiss Co. Toledo OH Paint sprays
Doehler Die Co. Toledo OH
E.W. Bliss Co. Toledo OH Machinery
Electric Auto Lite Co. Toledo OH Lights/batteries/hor
Hettrick M<fg. Co. Toledo OH Tents & awnings
Hickok Oil Co. Toledo OH Refinery
Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Toledo OH Plate glass
National Supply Co. Toledo OH Oil well supplies
Owens Illinois Glass Toledo OH Bottles/containers/i
Presque Isle coal/ore doc Toledo OH
Pure Oil Co. Toledo OH Refinery
Spicer Mfg. Co. Toledo OH
Standard Oil Co. Toledo OH Refinery
Sun Oil Co. Toledo OH Refinery
Surface Combustion Co. Toledo OH
Toledo Scale Co. Toledo OH
Toledo Shipbuilding Co. Toledo OH
Willys-Overland Toledo OH Autos
Woolson Spice Co. Toledo OH Coffee/spices
Fairfield Brick Co. Valley Junction OH
Piggy-back tracks Warrenton OH
Barrett Co. Waterville OH Quarry stone
France Stone Co. Waterville OH Quarry stone
Cleveland Crane & Engineer Wickcliffe OH
Euclid Shale & Brick Co. Wickcliffe OH
Lubrizol Co. Wickcliffe OH
Ohio Rubber Co. Willoughby OH
Roseville Pottery Zanesville OH
Zoar Brick Zoar OH
[ Top ]
American Cyanamid & Chemical Erie PA
Bucyrus-Erie Erie PA Power shovels/cranes
Burke Electric Co. Erie PA Motors/generators
Bury Compressor Co. Erie PA Machinery
Continental Rubber Works Erie PA
Erie Brewing Co. Erie PA
Erie Bronze Co. Erie PA Bronze castings
Erie Casket Co. Erie PA
Erie Enameling Co. Erie PA Metal furniture
Erie Forge & Steel Erie PA
Erie Foundry Co. Erie PA
Erie Malleable Iron Co. Erie PA
Erie Resistor Co. Erie PA
Erie Sand & Gravel Erie PA
General Electric Erie PA Locomotives/motors
Gloecker Mfg. Co. Erie PA Butchers' supplies
H.F. Watson Mills Erie PA
Hammermill Paper Co. Erie PA
Hays Mfg. Co. Erie PA Small castings
Jarecki Mfg. Co. Erie PA Pipe fittings
Lord Mfg. Co. Erie PA Rubber specialties
Louis Marx Co. of PA Erie PA
Lovell Mfg. Co. Erie PA Wringers
National Erie Co. Erie PA Castings
Odin Stove Co. Erie PA
Pennsylvania Electric Co. Erie PA
Skinner Engine Co. Erie PA
Standard Stoker Co. Erie PA
Talon, Inc. Erie PA Hookless fasteners
Uniflow Mfg. Co. Erie PA Water pumps
Wayne Brewing Co. Erie PA
Weil-McLain Co. Erie PA Radiators
Zurn Mfg. Co. Erie PA Plumbers' supplies
Ajax Expander Co. Fairview PA Auto parts
Titan Tool Co. Fairview PA
Bailey Mine (Consol) Garysville PA coal
C.E. Carter Co. Girard PA
F. J. Ely Co. Girard PA
G. Wood Co. Girard PA
Girard Mfg. Co. Girard PA
Hunderson Bros. Girard PA
Lake Erie Foundry Girard PA
Electric Materials Co. North East PA
Eureka Electric Products North East PA Electrical supplies
Keystone Coop Grape Assoc. North East PA Canned goods
Morse Cement Tile Co. North East PA
North East Gruit Growers North East PA Grapes/fertilizers
Sunshine Packing Co. North East PA Canned fruits
United Grape Produce Sale North East PA
Welch Grape Juice Co. North East PA Fruit juices