History of the NKP


The New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad Company (NYC&StL, reporting mark NKP) had a storied 83-year existence. Starting as a single road built with cash, it ended with four districts as a result of acquisitions made over the years. It survived control by the New York Central and a joint venture with the Chesapeake & Ohio and Pere Marquette, and evolved into a leader in the delivery of freight with its renowned "Nickel Plate High Speed Service" and mighty 2-8-4 Berkshires. The material offered on this page and related links provide a capsule of this once great railroad. The NKPHTS hopes you find the information useful in furthering your knowledge and appreciation of the Nickel Plate Road.

Information for above sourced from:

Taylor Hampton, The Nickel Plate Road - A History of a Great Railroad (Cleveland: The World Publishing Co., 1947), p. 333. 

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