Wheeling & Lake Erie “Iron Cross” Chapter

We are dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting the history of the "OLD" Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway, and enjoying the every day activities of the "NEW" Wheeling. We meet five or six times a year for tours of rail facilities, that still exist from the steam days, or just sit back and watch today's trains as they roll along the original W. & L. E. Right-Of-Way. During the winter, we are also eager to view layouts of the Wheeling. 

Geographically, our focus is the entire Wheeling system as it existed prior to the merger with the Nickel Plate. The Toledo to Wheeling mainline and the Cleveland to Zanesville mainline are our primary routes with many subs off the mains. In the early to mid 1900's, the Wheeling was referred to as the "IRON CROSS.

Any NKPHTS member in good standing is welcome to attend any of our tours or meetings.