Max Wright

Layout Construction

The layout is 6.6m (21'8") long, 1.8m (5'11") wide and 1140mm (3'9") tall. It will have about 50 metres (165') of track - the longest straight stretch will be 4.4m (14'5"). I hope the conversions are correct.

The main spars each side are made using Qubelok - which is aluminum square tubing with nylon corner blocks with 3mm MDF glued and blind riveted to it.

It will be an exhibition layout and is in three modules, each 2.2m (7'3") x 1.8m (5'11"). As the sides are 200mm (8") high, the scenery will be limited to 300mm (1') so the modules don't exceed 500mm, for ease of packing.

You will notice that by fixing the MDF to the inside of the aluminum rails, it creates a recess all around the layout to allow for switches and lights to be protected during shipping.

The layout will have a 130" turntable, two passing loops each side, a station and yards. I have a Berkshire, two GP-9's, two GP-7's, two RS_3's, a PA, a PB, an SD-9 and an SW-8. All locos are in NKP livery as is most of the rolling stock.

Most of my loco roster has been supplied by Bud Brueggeman, as model shops here tend to support Australian, European and the "sexy" US railroads, in that order. Thanks to Bud, I have a nice selection of NKP.

My system is a Lenz DCC and I am installing ESU decoders. I have a Lokprogrammer and Decoderpro as a big part of my interest lies in the possibilities available in DCC.

I have never visited the US, so I don't have much idea about the towns on the NKP. If anyone has a suggestion for a town which resembles my layout, I would be keen to hear from them. I can then home in on it when I start building the scenery.

Max Wright